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High performance design for supply lines

The gearheads of the new RD_-C series have a hollow shaft for routing cables, hoses and lines. An extremely compact and efficient, state- of-the-art RV-C gearbox is concealed in the interior. RD_-C gearheads offer three mounting options and have many different areas of use.


Specifications - RDS-10C

  • Applications: Antenna construction, Robotics, Welding, Handling, Medical technology, Solar technology, Machine tool building, Packaging technology, other
  • Applications: Robotics, Welding, Handling, Machine tool building, other
  • Design type: gearheads
  • Drive shaft: hollow shaft
  • Drive: coaxial
  • Operating mode: switching operation, continuous operation
  • Standard ratio: 243
  • Rated torque (Nm): 98
  • Allowable acc. / dec. torque (Nm): 245
  • Emergency stop torque (Nm): 490
  • Max. speed switching operation (rpm): 80
  • Max. speed continuous operation (rpm): 80
  • Hysteresis loss (arcmin): 1.0
  • Torsional rigidity (Nm/arcmin): 47
  • Moment rigidity (Nm/arcmin): 421
  • Allowable moment (Nm): 686
  • Axial load (N): 5880

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